Friday, May 7, 2010

Dexter Productions logo: Graffiti

So I have been thrown a (very brief) design brief: to design a logo for a theatre company, Dexter Productions. Apart from the image of masks and the suggestion of a preference for graffiti art, there is very little direction to move in... but I moved anyway, for the hell of it, until we can have some proper discussions about the aims of the company.

This project however has been seriously frustrating me, since I knew very little about graffiti art (and rather despise vandalism), however, prejudices aside, I did some extensive research and then fancied my hand at some imitatio. Sadly, I think it went rather wrong, and I am guessing this would be offensive to any self respecting graffiti artist. That really was not my intention! Humblest apologies. Also, on a side note, I feel a graffiti logo is a bit naff? Or rather my interpretation of graffiti?

Dexter Productions Graffiti 1-1

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