Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etsy store - Le Hatchery

A couple of months ago, I designed a logo for Le Hatchery, a wonderful etsy store that specialises in handmade, sustainable fashion. I worked with Leona for several months during which we went through a whole bunch of designs. Here are some of them (apologies for the dodgy compression, working with MS Paint here!!):

Draft 04

Draft 05

Draft 09

Draft 13

Draft 16

And the final logo, and business card (below)

Le Hatchery Final

Le Hatchery Card

Click here for the Le Hatchery Website

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small World Munich - Website

The final task was making the website for Small World. My client wanted it to look clean and cute, so I chose to use the same sky blue for the site as in the logo, keeping the site very minimalist and easy to navigate. I don't think the site will win any design awards, but I think the composition and white space is quite appealing, and at the end of the day not every site needs to be styled within an inch of its life! My client also chose to incorporate a German language option in the site, which may I add was not translated by myself :P


Small World Munich - Business Card

After selecting a logo, our next focus was on the business card. I had a good idea of what my client was looking for by now, having talked extensively about the feel of the company and its image. I produced two alternatives:


My client was pretty pleased with both, but opted for the second one. I tweaked it just a little:


SmallWorld Munich - logo, site & business card

Time for a long awaited update! I have been working on Small World Munich, an newly opened English teaching centre in Germany. The job involved designing the corporate logo, business card and website. My client wished to express the idea of a fun, relaxed and professional learning environment. He also wanted a simple, clean and friendly corporate ID.

First off, we started work on the logo. My client already had a strong idea of what he wanted in his logo, a cartoonish globe with a figure reading on top of it - a concept which I was wary of at first, and tried to offer alternate solutions:

Photobucket Photobucket

My client originally selected the composition in the third set of logos, but after some discussion, we mutually agreed that this composition was too centrally aligned and therefore lacked balance. Instead, I convinced my client to opt for the following solution:


I'm pretty happy with this decision - while I was working on the logos I initially felt convinced that the cartoony approach was not the best one to take, but now looking at the options, I feel the first set of logos were too serious and didn't convey any fun element at all. I am pretty pleased with the balance and colours (My client wanted bright blue and green) and the logo gave me a good base to work on the website having established an image for the company.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Siena Restaurant website

So I've been pretty inactive here for a while. But that's not to say I've been completely inactive in general. I have decided to learn Flash, and as my first project have made a website for Siena Restaurant in Uddingston. It's fairly simple, but it was good learning a little actionscript and getting to grips with the basics. Most importantly, it was fun and surely can only get better from here on out!!!

Siena Restaurant